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Twohig & Tuinstra is a boutique creative studio specializing in home decorating, custom decorative pillows, tablescapes and event flowers. We work closely with our clients to help create beauty in their everyday and ensure that their experience is unique to them.

Twohig & Tuinstra (pronounced 2 hig, like pig & Tune-stra). That is a funny name. Where does it come from? For that grab a cup of tea and let me tell you a story. Ever since Lianna was a little girl she was surrounded by a passion for making life beautiful. She had 2 very elegant grandmothers. Each different and unique in their own way. Grandma Christen (maiden name Twohig) was straight out of England, accent and all. Lianna enjoyed mornings sipping tea out of china tea cups and evenings getting dressed up and going to the symphony with this grandma. To this day she remembers the floral print sofa and the immaculately styled china cabinet in the living room. Grandma Eysnogle (maiden name Tuinstra) was a passionate martha stewart before martha was a thing. Constantly busy, this grandma sewed, rescued furniture, upholstered, wallpapered, cooked, and set a pretty mean formal dinner table. Throughout her childhood Lianna learned a lot from these grandmas and feels that much of her passion began with them. So, we can thank them for the china cabinets, love of a traditional home decor, stacks of dishes, love of baking and cooking, and of course setting a good dinner table.



Home Decorating Room design service includes an initial consultation, mood board, floorpan layout, and direct link product recommendations. After the moodboard has been agreed upon we send you purchase instructions on where to buy everything to finish the space. We also monitor craigslist finds in your area to incorporate unique one of a kind finds.

  1. Bedroom $500
  2. Dinning Room $350
  3. Living Room $500
  4. Entryway $300
  5. Custom Pillow starting at $40 per pillow

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